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K&S Therapeutic Services, Inc.

Phone: 213-255-5629

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Bonnie Blumenthal – LMFT, Registered Nurse

Ever wondered why people act the way they do? Well if you're talking to Yeshiva Davis (or 'Shiva' as the kids call her) you're asking the right person to explain it to you. Yeshiva Davis has the most profound ability to understand people's behavior. And she can explain it to 3-year-olds, to old grannies and to everyone in between and in a way that they really understand. She manages to do what we all wish we could: Understand ourselves and what makes us tick, and how we can use this information to better manage our lives, our jobs and our relationships to feel better every day.

Yeshiva is a great teacher. She teaches lots of new tricks to calm down, and smile at frustration more often; to ride out circumstances and emotions with balance and confidence. As a therapist she can get you into that precious Middle Groove – because she knows how to find it and she can help you install it. No wonder the press calls on her to explain why people act the way they do. Her interview on The Insider is a great peek: Yeshiva explaining why Whitney Houston's daughter can smile so soon after her mother's passing. You might think she knows everything, and you might just be right. I know all this because I'm a therapist too. And she's the The Best.

Yeshiva and I worked together with numerous clients and families in daily crisis. Her relentless good humor and dedication to improving the lives of children and families living in inner-city poverty has changed many a life for the good. I salute this great woman, her spirit, her beauty, and her fabulous people smarts.

Monitored Visits Client: Father of 7-year-old
Culver City, CA

Ms. Davis encouraged me and gave me many tools… to help me be honest about the things that I do in life that push people away.

All of the time and work she put in with us both paid off after two years. She has been more valuable to me then I can write in words. I have my son in my life... Her work with [him & me]… can never be replaced. She never gave up, never backed down from challenges and she was always open to listen and work towards solutions…

I've gone from no custody to possibly having full joint custody and I truly thank Ms. Davis for all [her] help. I couldn't have found a better situation.

Therapy Client: Mother of an aggressive 8-year-old
Los Angeles, CA

Ms. Davis has been heaven sent to my son and our family. She has empowered us to move forward and helped us to find ways to cope with my son and his behavior issues. Because of her my son has learned techniques to manage his anger and realize that there are consequences to his actions.

Dir. of School Programs: Kayne Eras Center
Los Angeles, CA

In my capacity of Director of School Programs, I've collaborated with Yeshiva on many occasions. Yeshiva's passion about her work with children and families is very obvious. She has a positive and patient approach that parents and children respond well to. She has been effective in helping children gain insight on, and improve their behavior. She has also been instrumental in helping parents gain insight about how they can manage the challenges of parenthood.

Yeshiva facilitated a presentation for Kaye Eras Center Parent Teachers Association titled: You Wanna Know What?! Making Difficult Conversations with Children Easier. Her presentation was informative and beneficial. I received great feedback from the audience about Yeshiva's practical approach and engaging style. We're looking forward to booking Yeshiva to present again for us next year.

Therapy Client – Mom of 9 & 11-year-old girls
Los Angeles, CA

My experience with Yeshiva Davis has been a wonderful one. Before meeting Yeshiva in person, I spoke to her over the phone. I learned that she has a very calm, sweet spirit. She's very professional and doesn't make you feel uncomfortable. My children were very shy at first, but after our first, but they couldn't stop talking about how much fun they had. They were excited to see her every week. Yeshiva provides a nurturing atmosphere and I would recommend her expertise without hesitation.

16-year-old Therapy Client
Los Angeles, CA

My experiences with therapy have been so helpful and uplifting, and most of all it helped me come out of the closet as a gay male in today's society.

Some techniques that I've learned from Yeshiva are to stop, take a moment and put myself is other's shoes, take deep breaths and listen to everyone's side of the story instead of jumping to conclusions. I have been able to have so much weight taken off my shoulders and manage problems that I wasn't able to deal with since working with Yeshiva. I haven't had any problematic outbursts or terrible attitudes. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Yeshiva. Because it has improved my life greatly.