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K&S Therapeutic Services, Inc.

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You Wanna Know What?!
Making Difficult Conversations with Kids Easier.

This presentation is designed for parents who want to feel more comfortable and competent having every day, or challenging conversation with children.

This Presentation Focuses On:

  • The benefits of engaging in conversations about difficult topics such as; sex, death and race
  • How to engage in age-appropriate conversations with children for example; word choice, tone of voice, location and how much detail to provide
  • Overcoming personal issues about discussing difficult topics

Climbing the Corporate Ladder without Leaving Your Family Behind

This presentation is designed for those who want to enjoy professional success without feeling as if they are neglecting their personal, spousal and parental priorities.

This Presentation Focuses On:

  • Eliminating parental guilt
  • Sustaining a loving relationship with your spouse or partner
  • Maintaining a healthy connection with your child(ren)
  • Quality time over quantity

Strategic Relationship Management
Improving the one you have. Getting the one you want.

Often times men and women are socialized to have different expectations and opinions about relationships and how they work. This presentation is designed to improve one's understanding of this dynamic. It also focuses on ways to proactively manage relationships, so you can be happy with yourself and your mate.

This Presentation Focuses On:

  • Identifying your belief system and core requirements
  • Understanding what you need to be happy in a relationship
  • Realizing s/he's different not wrong
  • How to meet the needs of your spouse/partner without losing yourself
  • Using communication to your advantage

Surviving Difficult Childhood Behaviors
Practical Solutions to Everyday Childhood Challenges

This presentation is designed for those who would like to better understand and manage difficult, frustrating childhood behaviors, including; tantrumming, yelling and homework refusal.

This Presentation Focuses On:

  • Eliminating fights and power struggles, improving cooperation
  • Improving patience and understanding for children with difficult behaviors
  • Children's ages and developmental stages
  • Appropriate consequences

Presentations can be customized for your school, parenting group, church or family. Please call or send an email for information about prices and scheduling